• Being there

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    We are all Caregivers. Kids, adults, neighbours, friends, doctors, patients. But sometimes it can be hard to make sense of our role as Caregivers. We often don't know our own story until someone asks us to tell it - and listens. Follow the journey of 13 Caregivers, as they work with health narra...

  • Cybernetic Showdown

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    Mutants threaten to overwhelm the last bastion of civilization left after the great apocalypse. Only one man stands in their way, but he's running out of bullets.

  • The Killing Death

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    Two Cops on the trail of a killer making the ultimate pizza.

    This ultra Low Budget Horror Comedy pays homage to Filmmakers like H.G. Lewis and the Zucker brothers.

  • The Manitoba Connection

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    This previously unreleased, 35 minute documentary film that takes you deep into the bowels of Winnipeg's punk and hardcore underground circa the mid 2000's. "The Manitoba Connection" provides a rare, lightening-in-a-bottle snapshot of DIY subculture as it is on the Canadian Prairie, marked by geo...

  • The Kingdom of Var

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    College student Sonja summons the demonic sorcerer Var after viewing a 500-year-old film containing his spirit.

  • Cannibalism: A New Taste In Style

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    In the near future ceilings have been replaced by omnipresent TV's. In the mass media Cannibalism is being hyped as the latest trend in people's day to day lives. Ma, Pa and Wilberforce are your typical North American family. They are obese, over consuming and have a big screen TV on their kitche...

  • Demons of Bars and Tone

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    A man is tortured both mentally and physically by his television. As the man is suffering, the television plays commercials representing his life, both past and present.

  • Bunky Blum and the Talking Train

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    Bunky Blum is picked on in school and bullied relentlessly by the other kids. During lunch hours he and his mentally ill Mother visit a 83 year old train, now a caged monument in the center of a children's park. The train talks to Bunky who believes that the train will break out of its confines a...

  • Broken Palace

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    A documentary about the rapidly-disappearing era of heritage movie palaces and the film going experience once offered within those hallowed walls.

  • Abnegation
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    A woman's secret relationship is discovered putting her and those around her in danger.